Duck Hunting

Duck Hunting

Duck Hunting Decoys on the Lake

Our duck hunting property contains three large lakes on which there are six comfortable blinds. These lakes are located in a prime hunting area in northeastern Colorado and have shown excellent results in every previous year.  The lakes produce large numbers of mallards, widgeon, gadwall and teal and an occasional goose prior to the freeze.  During the season the lakes may be hunted until noon on Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday until noon before the freeze.  We rest the lakes four days per week and hunt half days to allow the ducks to use the lakes during the entire season.  It is common for ducks to roost on the lakes at night during the season.  Upon freezing, these lakes may be hunted all day on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday which results in some very good goose hunting days on the ice.

Duck Hunting Lake with Ducks on the Pond

The lakes also have neighboring fields that can be hunted with layout blinds but no pits are allowed in the fields.  The fields may be hunted any day of the week as our club management monitors usage to ensure each field is rested adequately.

Duck Hunting Blind on the Frozen Lake Property

Our duck hunting blinds are large and very comfortable including space for heaters, equipment and dogs. We brush the blinds thoroughly prior to the season with logs and branches which are durable enough to last the entire season.  The blinds stay on the lakes year round so waterfowl can become accustomed to them.  The blinds are located close to the shore and all gear can be loaded into the blinds after a very short walk of less than 50 yards.  The lakes are shallow so deep water accidents are of no concern however hip boots or waders are required to reach the blinds.

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Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s Waterfowl Season Dates and Fees.