Goose Hunting

 Goose Hunting

Geese Landing

Goose hunting at Honey Hole Hunt Club provides excellent opportunities for both seasoned and inexperienced waterfowl hunters.  Discerning hunters flock to Honey Hole Hunt Club as the quality of our field and ice shooting for geese is superb.  Our fields are open 7 days per week and may be hunted all day.  However, due to our low membership, our goal is to rest our fields five days per week, thus ensuring an excellent hunting experience.

Two of our five fields will have lined 6-person pit blinds that exemplify our “drive up and drop” policy.  The pits are lined with wood floors and walls to protect your guns from dirt  which is a problem in most other clubs.  Dirt in the barrel of an automatic shotgun leads to jamming of the action and lost opportunities.  This is not just a nice feature it’s a functional benefit to your firearms.


Goose Hunting on the Ice

Goose Hunting "on the Ice"

In addition to our field hunting for geese, ice hunting in our lake blinds can be excellent after the lakes freeze.  The lake blinds being large and close to the shore are easy to heat with portable heaters so hunting the ice can be very comfortable even late in the season.  Our lakes are shallow so you need not worry about falling through the ice if the ice thickness is marginal.  Additionally, it creates the opportunity to safely chop through the ice to create some open water which is a goose magnet when hunting the ice.  If you haven’t experienced goose hunting on the ice, Honey Hole provides a unique experience.

Goose hunting limits for three people

Please see our Properties link for Google Earth maps of our lakes and fields.

For additional information about season dates see the Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s Waterfowl Season Dates and Fees.