How do I reserve a blind?

Reservations are guaranteed if you call our club manager from 2 weeks to 2 days before you plan to hunt (For example, call by Wednesday evening if you want a blind for Saturday).  We welcome late notice reservations considered “will-calls” (For example: “I just found out that I have the day off tomorrow and I want to hunt”).

Due to our low membership numbers, we’ve never had to deny a member a spot to hunt.


What is the club’s policy regarding sky busting?

Our club has a strict policy regarding sky busting (it’s not allowed).  As a rule, if birds aren’t well within gun range, don’t take the shot.  Ammunition manufacturers state that maximum effective range is 40 yards, however, we encourage our members to shoot when the birds are “back pedaling” in their decoy spreads or are a few yards over their decoys, whenever possible.


Are dogs allowed on the properties?

Absolutely! Dogs are an extremely important part of our ability to retrieve harvested birds. DOW regulations state that every possible effort MUST be taken to retrieve an animal once it is shot and dogs can be a crucial part of these efforts.

Our only condition is that your dog must be controlled at all times and not interfering with another member’s ability to work birds.

Alternatively, our duck hunting lakes are shallow and a dog is not required.  You can walk across the middle of all three lakes.


What do my membership dues include?

A family membership (spouse and kids under 18) includes hunting privileges from the beginning of the the Central Flyway Eastern Plains Zone to the end of dark goose in the Central Flyway/Northern Front Range zones. Our lakes are located in the Northern Range, 1st split dark goose zone and we’ve harvested geese during this season.


Are guests allowed?

Guest privileges are to be worked out on an individual basis with our club manager. Please address this at the time of your club tour so we can work something out. The following conditions will always exist:

Guests are not allowed on any opening weekends

The sponsoring member is responsible for the conduct of their guest.


Who works to maintain the blinds?

Prior to each hunting season we organize work days to maintain and improve the lake blinds.  Our members are crucial for this role and the work days provide an opportunity to meet the other members before the season begins.  However, a commitment to blind work isn’t required for membership.

Regarding the field pits, we do need assistance installing the wood liners and tops and removing them at the end of the season. Any help you can give the club would be greatly appreciated!


What if I’m low on decoys?

Many of our members own an ample supply of decoys and we take pride in our members’ willingness to share decoys.  Please communicate with us if you need assistance with decoys.


When does my membership begin and expire?

A family membership begins at the beginning of the first duck split and ends at the ends at the end of dark goose season.


Can I spend the night on any of the properties?

No. If necessary, there is lodging available in Windsor.


Is snow goose hunting allowed?

If snow geese are around during the regular season, you may shoot them.  However, your access to the club properties ends at the ends at the end of dark goose season.